Saturday, December 19, 2009

Country Auctions

Last night Lee and I went to an old country auction. I absolutely love them, there are not so much Lee's thing. Oh he loves old stuff, anything country really gets his blood pumping. He just does not do so well with large crowds. So after the the first 10 mins, he starts about Are you ready yet. Tell me how can some one love country knick knacks but not an auction?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Christmas exist any more?

Does Christmas even exist any more? I walked around today in a department store we are all familiar with. Every one scurrying to get their presents for under the tree. I saw the mom, rushing to get the new must have toy this year, and the husband who has to get that fabulous ring his wife wants. Or how bout that guy who is wanting to propose on Christmas? I saw all this and more.
I saw the weary eyes from to little sleep, I saw the stress etched in foreheads as people contemplated not paying a bill in order to get that perfect gift. I saw the hope in young kids eyes, for the presents they knew Santa was probably not ever going to leave under there tree.
I saw how we have turned Christmas in to such a hustle, bustle, struggle of must haves, and can't do withouts. I want to know what happened to just plain old Christmas. Where you go to church and remember why we are here to begin with. Or going to the family dinner. When did we become so caught up in the rat race Christmas has become that we have forgotten those who are less fortunate than ourselves? When did we loss the desire to praise the one person that Christmas brought to us?
I want you to think about the last time you stepped out of the rat race and had a day of old time Christmas. Do you even remember it? What did it feel like? Was it worth it?
When will you have another day like that?
Why not this year? Make this year the year you turn back to that special day, the day our lord was born

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Do You have a Nibor world?

Do you have that secret little place inside you, your own world. No! Not that place. The place where you can just escape into without being crazy? In this world, your not always right, but you sure can figure it out here. Come on, you know the place. The place where you can dream. I have Nibor's World. That little place inside me, where it is okay to wish for the stars. This is where I go to, when I need to figure it all out. Sometimes I find the answer, Sometimes not, but I do get away, even from my real self, if only for a few minutes. This is where my dream to go back to school started. After 20 years and soon to be a parentless parent, I remembered I once dreamed. Now that dream is coming true. So can I dream some more here. Absolutely, the sky's the limit. This is where I can face my fears and be me, without all the falseness, that we all keep hidden from our everyday self. Is this a good place. For me yes it is. Only you can answer if this is a good place for you.
So come on, take a few mins and escape, find your world and dare to dream. Who knows, after all wishes and dreams are made to come true